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The pro-family leader cites family expert Stacey Mc Donald when contrasting the two: “Dating is random, while courtship is deliberate; in dating, the goal is romance, while with courtship, the goal is marriage; dating leaves the couple unprotected, while courtship protects the young couple; dating is an unnatural setting of perpetual recreation, but courtship creates a natural setting of real life and family; and finally, dating gives the couple rose-colored glasses, but courtship brings in a magnifying glass.” And he argues that the consequences of dating virtually always sell the participants short.

“A person either gets married with embedded memories of past romances or a person stays unmarried, frequently going from relationship to relationship, which tears the hearts of everyone involved,” Thomasson told WND. If you date person after person, you’re training yourself to leave someone when you aren’t happy, which is the same motivation for most divorces.” When it comes to courtship, Thomasson says it brings about something altogether different.

Haverluck Talk about diverging from contemporary society!

We have not equipped those getting married with tools to know who they are marrying – only the means of avoiding a sexual encounter.” But he warns parents that courting isn’t an exact science that guarantees marital success, as there are many things that factor into the equation, particularly the dynamics between the parent-child relationship.

If they have a relationship of trust, then the particular strengths of each can help determine if a prospective spouse is a good match.

Note that this is not a matter of a parent dictating who a young person should marry, nor is it asking the young person to make one of the most important and long lasting decisions alone.” Thomasson believes that Tracey Bartolomei best distinguishes dating and courting in The Christian Citizen. “The main difference between dating and courtship is the attitude that one assumes towards relationships and the activities in which the couple engages before marriage,” Bartolomei contends.

The emphasis is on developing friendships and seeking compatibility in one’s future mate.

Courtship doesn’t actually begin until each feels that the other person could be a perspective marriage partner.

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“For better or for worse, dating remains a standard feature of our culture’s method of managing this fundamental aspect of human life.” To Daly, the “dating” of today isn’t what mom and dad remember.

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