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Individuals who commit such acts may be removed from the premises and may be subject to disciplinary action, criminal penalties, civil litigation, or all of the above.Text: Report violent acts or threats of violence to your immediate supervisor, the Office of the Chief Security Officer, Internal Investigation Branch, or the Employee and Labor Relations Division.Preventing Workplace Violence is a growing concern within FEMA and throughout the Federal Government.Workplace violence is often thought of as a physical attack.This policy applies to all FEMA employees, contractors, and personnel from other agencies that are performing official duties in support of FEMA’s mission.

Although violence by employees is very rare, the pressures, long hours, and working conditions of deployments may increase stress and interfere with an individual’s ability to cope.This course is designed to help you recognize common warning signs of violent behavior, understand the steps you can take to prevent Workplace Violence, or effectively respond if it occurs.You can make a difference and help ensure the personal safety and security of all FEMA Facilities staff and incident victims.While there are no fail-safe measures to ensure that violence will never occur, early action and intervention can serve to defuse a potentially dangerous situation and minimize the risk of violence. JOHN: You all have more important people to take care of. Appropriate action shall be taken: Sometimes, despite everyone's best efforts to defuse a situation, actual violence occurs.Warning signs of violent behavior may be classified into three levels. If this happens, remain calm and do not put yourself or any staff member in a position to be injured.

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Information regarding a threat of a harmful act, where you reasonably believe that the circumstances may lead to a harmful act, should be reported immediately.

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