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He wonders if the lack of a serious significant other outside of an engagement is now relatively common.I quote him: “I’ve watched my siblings go through this and it’s really awful.Ever since various general authorities started drawing attention to the dating scene among Young Adults, I’ve taken an interest in the current status of dating, especially among LDS people, but also in general.I’ve polled my students about it occasionally and also my friends, single and not.A woman friend related this experience from her time in YW: “One of my old advisers gave the entire YW the following advice: Just remember when you start dating someone that you’re either going to get married or break up.Those are the only two options at the beginning of a new relationship.For myself, I was in relationships for a lot of my 20s and early 30s, not very seriously and usually breaking up amicably.And Mormons are by no means the only ones to date-to-marry.

A close friend from his youth married a short time ago, his new wife was his first serious relationship in over a decade.One friend observed that in her experience, such dry spells aren’t “uncommon in LDS circles, but *very* uncommon in secular/regular life [but see below].The understood subtext to all dates adds an extra-weird pressure to LDS dating.As with so much, Mormonism exaggerates things already there in the culture rather than making them from scratch.A male colleague, in discussing dating culture among Mormons and the general scene in the U. told me that what he has seen among students at BYU and other universities leads him to believe that BYU and Mormonism in general put a particular spin on what has, by this point, developed into new cultural and generational (and class specific) norms.

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