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“SADD can pose a problem in a relationship,” Kerner says, stating the obvious.“If your partner is getting distressed because you’re not as sexually motivated as you’ve been in the past, you need to look at your practice and consider if you have a masturbation addiction.” To Ed, of course, that’s an oxymoron.I pan the room, searching for anything remotely risqué, but find only that day’s local newspaper, featuring a group of cheerful retirees on the cover. “First things first: We need to work on slowing you Vanessa Marin, the female orgasm whisperer mentioned above, also urges her male clients to slow the fuck down.

My search also turned up two of the other male masturbation coaches on the planet — Bruce P.When you get with a partner, he or she likely would rather the experience last longer than a minute.Guys need to learn to take more time with themselves when they’re masturbating. A lot of men use what I call the ‘death grip’ when masturbating.It’s just not something you can replicate with a partner — especially if you’re having vaginal intercourse.” Ed says I’m exhibiting something called an which sex counselor and psychotherapist Ian Kerner tells me is one of the most common issues presented by his male clients.“Based on what I’ve seen in my own practice, I’d say men are masturbating 500 percent more than they did before the rise of internet porn.

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” about it, though it’s one of the few remaining dopamine dumps my sober brain is permitted, and it helps me fall asleep in the absence of a blissful fog of booze and benzodiazepines.

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