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H-Unc 1927 Sports America Ruth H-Unc 1926 Babe Ruth - Snookums movie premium, 3 1/2" x 6" H-Unc 1927 Pirates Team photo card - blank back, card stock H-Unc 1929 ca. Alexander, approx 33" x 1.75" W573 1922 Carey "Cafe Du Monde", Pinelli- Creamnut & Goodie, Goslin Leader Theatre signed W573 Tobin, W572 Speaker & Maranville W574 Simmons & Grove Sgc30 W575-1 Clarks Bread, Gassler's Bread, Haffner's Bread, Herpolsheimer's, Holsum Bread, Johnson Conf., Keating Candy W575-1 Gasslers Bread- Gleason, Queen City Cigar- Morgan, Shotwell Mfg Co.- Jacobson, Service Candy Co.- O'Neill W575-1 Witmore Candy x 2., Gertenrich, Leader Theatre & ad card W575-2 1923 Signature on Shoulder- Collins W575-2 1923 Signature on Shoulder Hooper, Kelly schedule strip W590 1925-'31 strip cards full strip x 20 w/Speaker W590 1925-'31 strip cards full strip x 10 w/Speaker W600 1905 Sporting Life cabinet Callahan W603 1946-49 Sports Exchange All Stars- Cochrane-Dillenger, O'Doul,2nd series ad W711-1 1940 Harry Hartman series- Frank Mc Cormick W711-2 1940 Harry Hartman Reds-Hartman, Mc Kechnie, Hershberger W725 1948 LA Team Issue - Bauers W9316 Frank Baker W-Unc 1910 W-unc Walter Johnston (sic) SGC Authentic W-Unc 1910 W-unc, 1910's Blue & Red, 1916 Big head, 1921-'30 Die Cut W-Unc 1912 W555-like Cy Young SGC Authentic W-Unc 1916 Big Head strip cards-Bagby, Baker, Bodie, Burns, Cadore, Doyle, Hornsby, Groh, Judge, Konetchy, Mays, Milan, Rice, Schang, Johnston(sic), Sisler, Bancroft, Schalk W-Unc 1920's shoulderless strip card- Sisler W-Unc 1920's game strip card- Gehrig W-Unc 1920's strip cards, assorted x 6 W-Unc ca.1921 Universal Toy - Cobb W-Unc 1921 Johnson,1924 Ruth, 1935 ca.

Hornsby ,1936 Appling w/back stamp&Haas w/back stamp W-Unc 1924 Ruth maroon & W-unc "W560-like" Ruth W-Unc 1931 Waner PSA 1 W-Unc 1932 Chicago Team issue Grimm, Hemsley WG2 1904 Fan Craze- A. Cross PSA8, Plank SGC Fan Craze- Header card WG3 1906 Fan Craze- N. Huggins WG4 1913 Polo Grounds- Chance WG4 1913 Polo Grounds- Joe Jackson SGC National Game- Jackson, Bender, Holland's Tea WG5 1913 National Game- Joe Jackson WG6 1913 Tom Barker Game- Fenway Brewing - Baker etc.. 1921 Outstretched player game card & w/overprint(2)- @Schultz WG-Unc 1930's Cine Manual #5 Jugadores De WG-Unc 1934 Quaker Oats game card set(26)w/rules, env.- Ruth WG-Unc 1940s ca.

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He is also the one who gave them the name "X-rays" (signifying an unknown quantity) though many others referred to these as "Röntgen rays" (and the associated X-ray radiograms as, "Röntgenograms") for several decades after their discovery and even to this day in some languages, including Röntgen's native German.

Hand mit Ringen (Hand with Rings): print of Wilhelm Röntgen's first "medical" X-ray, of his wife's hand, taken on 22 December 1895 and presented to Ludwig Zehnder of the Physik Institut, University of Freiburg, on 1 January 1896 X-rays were found emanating from Crookes tubes, experimental discharge tubes invented around 1875, by scientists investigating the cathode rays, that is energetic electron beams, that were first created in the tubes.

1870s-1880s Boy in Baseball Unifrom Tintype w/bat & cap, approx. Collins H-Unc 1929 circa German ball scene w/4 players H-Unc 1929 Goodyear Tire "Atz and Cats", blank back H-Unc 1929 Pontiac Premium card - Gehrig H-Unc 1930 Babe Ruth Cuban ad card H-Unc 1930s ca., Service Publicite Gregoire, French Baseball H-Unc 1930 The Champions - generic player cut outs H-Unc 1930 Rochester Red Wings premium- Toporcer H-Unc 1930 Paramount Clothes Prem.- Livingston, 8x10 matte H-Unc 11930 Ray O Print, Babe Ruth and developing stand H-Unc 1930s Babe Ruth Thumb Movie - Lion Brand Shirts H-Unc 1930s Harry Coveleski- Giant Killer card H-Unc 1930's Cincinnati premium photo card- Frey H-Unc 1930s Schumacher premium (blank back) H-Unc 1930's Ruth and Gehrig premiums/pictures H-Unc 1930s Generic Bill Homer cartoon cards H-Unc 1930 ca.

17"x 8 1/2" D-Unc 1947 Gordon's Bread, Morley Studios Tigers - Kuper D-Unc 1947 Bond Bread premium - Musial (blank back) E90-1 American Caramel Young, Boston E90-1 Miller blank back- SGC 40 E90-1 American Caramel Knight, Krause, E90-2 Clarke, E90-3 Hofman E90-2 American Caramel Wagner "trucker boy find" SGC20 E90-3 American Caramel Archer SGC30 E90-3 American Caramel Gandil SGC40 E91 American Caramel E91-A Mc Graw, E91-B Plank, E91-C Johnson, E91c Brown w/ghost E92 E78 Prize fighter back Young E92 E78 Prize fighter back SGC40 Magee E92 Menagerie-back Murphy SGC 30 E92 Croft's Cocoa Jennings and Miller E92 Crofts Candy Matty, Bescher, Jennings blue back E92 Crofts Candy Barry, Bemis, Bescher, Davis- red & blue back's E92 Crofts Candy Miller- red back E92 John H. Dockman Young E92 Nadja Wallace, Jennings, Oakes, Baily miscut E93 Standard Caramel Dooin- blank back SGC A E93 Standard Caramel Waddell E94 Close Candy Tinker (red background) E94 Close Candy Crawford (orange background) Carter collection SGC20 E94 Close Candy Overprint Set fronts (10) - SGC graded E95 Philadelphia Caramel Chance E95 Philadelphia Caramel Cobb E96 Philadelphia Caramel Marquard E96 Philadelphia Caramel Tinker- notebook cut E97 C. Wheaties & Mobil Oil Team w/Peewee Reese F Unc 1939. Paul Team F-Unc 1939 Pittsburgh Pirates- Duquesne beer premium F Unc 1940's Piels - Terry, Ballantine- Klinger, Davis & Trommers Coasters F Unc 1940s Rheingold Beer Premium- Foxx, 8 x 10 F Unc 1940s M & Ms - Joe Dimaggio Sports Club card F Unc 1940 Crowleys Milk Milosevich and Silvonic- blank and used-postal backs F Unc 1942 Oertel Brewing Louisville Colonels F Unc 1943 Oertel Brewing Louisville Colonels F Unc 1943 Cuban Cristal drink- Martinez F Unc 1943 Golden Quality Ice Cream Damaltron F Unc 1944 Oertel Brewing Louisville Colonels F Unc 1945 Oertel Brewing Louisville Colonels F Unc 1946 Oertel Brewing Louisville Colonels F-Unc 1946 Pittsburgh Provision (ham)- Wagner F Unc 1947 Oertel Brewing Louisville Colonels F Unc 1948 Oertel Brewing Louisville Colonels F Unc 1949 Oertel Brewing Louisville Colonels F-Unc 1948 Cuban Cola (maybe team issue) Ortiz F-Unc 1949 Page's Milk Co.- Pittsburgh Redemption card , Holmes, Carnera FC9 1945 Kellog's All Wheat Miscellany -Canadian FC59 1927 Honey Boy - Rousch -Canadian FC-Unc 1920 Peggy Popcorn- Dugan SGC20-Canadian FC-Unc 1930's Vancouver Peanuts H-801-3 1948 Smiths Clothing Floyd Speer H-801-3 1948 Smiths Clothing Stengel H-801-4 Sommer & Kaufmann Boys Shop- 1948,1949 H-801-7 Old Mill Tobacco cabinet Doane SGC40 H-998 1911 Western Playground Stewart-regular card stock H-998 1911 Western Playground Miller- thin card stock H-Unc 1850 ca. H-Unc 1924 Washington team W/Johnson (owned) Picture pack. H-Unc 1925 Clay & Block (Cuban) baseball park SGC20 H-Unc 1925 Mulvey Day tag card H-Unc 1926 Artisans Dykes Day Shibe Field, approx 3 x 5, paper thin H-Unc 1926 The New Klondike movie- Meighan (Uraguay) H-Unc 1926 Kut Outs- Huggins SGC 50 , Meusel H-Unc 1926 Sports America Bottomley, Schalk back var. W560 1909-10 Full Sheet of 16 w/Gehrig, Johnson, Cuyler, Grove, Simmons, W562 Harding W565 1928 strip (black) of 25 w/Heilman W565 1928 strip (red) of 25 w/Gerhig W571 (D305) 1947 Bond Bread perforated Holmes/Chappius W572 1923 Strip of 5 w/Grover Alexander W572 1923 O'Farrell- with Metro Star print, Perkins- red scrap & regular, Doak ghost W573 1922 Strip of 10 incl.14" diameter x 6" high 1920's Tin Collins Hencke (Mc Carthy) round - side approx. 9 x 12 1932 Abdulla Cigarette Pack 1934 Poster1- Newton Annis Furs - Detroit cards 1934 Poster-1b Newton Annis Furs - Detroit cards 1936 WG8 S & S Game box and instructions 1937 Leader Novelty wrapper/env & Sun Lorillard Tobacco- envelopes & letters 1893 Number 7 Cigars, Envelope, N526 1893 Breisch and Co. envelope, N403 1896 Peck & Snyder letter/letterhead 1897 S. Venerable tobacco letter/envelope 1899 Lone Jack invoice 1900 Ward Mackey invoice - D322 1900's Successful Farming letter/offer 1900's Successful Farming- envelope 1900s Blomes Candy Victorian cards (3) - E94 1901 Carolina Brights Envelopes x2, T206 1903 Blomes Candy advertisement/price card - E94 1903 Green Joyce letter - M101/4 1905 Rice-Stix Dry Goods (Dizzy and Daffy Dean cards) UM7 1906 Capital Candy/Pacific Coast Biscuit invoice 1909 Envelope- Bishop and Co E99/E100/E221 1909 Bishop & Company letter/letterhead, E99/E100/E221 1909 Bishop & Company invoice, E99/E100/E221 1909 Darby Candy Co. Offer letter 1909 Envelopes- Bishop and Co., E99/E100 1910 Sporting Life Newspaper w/M116 & W6 Invoice - The American Tobacco Company 1910's Bishop and Company- invoice 1911, 1912- American Caramel letter/letterhead E90, E91, E121-22, E126 1912 Bishop & Company Calarab box 1913 Baseball Magazine Advertisement- Jackson, Matty, Plank, Speaker etc...14" diameter x 6" high 1920's Candy Box York Caramel E210 1920's Candy Wrapper Willard Chocolate V100/V122 1920's Goudey Gum - Oh Boy ad 1922 Goudey Gum - Oh Boy- letter, signed 1920s Charles Ray in The Busher 8 x 10 1920s The Bush Leaguer 8 x 10 1926 Babe Ruth Mid Week Pictorial & Type 1 Photo re: 1928 Babe Ruth Candy card 1927 NY Times Ruth & Cobb ... 1937 Kellogg's Album of American Athletes - picture 1 1937 Kellogg's Album of American Athletes - picture 2 1938 Sawyer Biscuit Tin 1937 Sporting News schedule/cards (previously 1935 Manager Cards) 1940's Centennial Flour Recipe book , F340, 4-pages 1940 Crowley's Milk invoices, Crowley's PC-Unc 1940's Bond Bread Baseball card sign 1940's O-Pee-Chee baseball wrapper 1941 Gillette Razor World Series box w/Gomez etc... hand written letter/letterhead, E271 1909 Darby Candy Co. 1913 Baseball Magazine Advertisement- back- Doyle, Meyers, Marquard, Maranville etc...WG6 1913 Tom Barker Game- Cy Young SGC Walter Mails Game- Maranville blue back, Johnson red back WG8 1936 S & S Game- Harnett-green back, Harnett-tan back WG-Unc 1904 Allegheny Game Card - Mc Ginnity WG-Unc, 1906 Russell's Rustlers game card WG-Unc, 1910 circa, Lajoie game cards red and blue WG-Unc 3 x 1910'-1940's different game cards WG-Unc ca. Visalia CA, game in action H-Unc 1909 Follansbee Ball Team & 1947 Cin.Reds- Ink Blotters H-Unc 1911 Stevens Firearms Bender (blottered back), Baker (clean back), Mack (clean back) H-Unc 1915s Pratt- St.

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