Research about dating in internet

This article clarifies issues surrounding the phenomenon of Internet dating.

These issues will be examined in a review of present literature referencing Internet dating.

Some of these behavioral contexts include, • Cosmetic surgery (Schouten, 1991), • Skydiving (Celsi, Rose, & Leigh, 1993), • River rafting (Arnould & Price, 1993), • Participation in fantasy-based activities (Kozinets, 2002), and • Natural health food (Thompson & Troester, 2002) consumption communities (cited in Yurchisin, Watchravesringkan, & Mc Cable, 2005, p736).

In order to better understand human perception and Internet dating, it might also be necessary to understand the components of identity, because each of these components factor into how individuals present themselves.The use of these profiles theoretically allows individuals to explore and re-create their personal identities.The high level of anonymity that the Internet allows as compared to face-to-face encounters offers individuals the opportunity to showcase elements of their personalities or self-perceptions they may not ordinarily present in person (Yurchisin, Watchravesringkan, & Mc Cable, 2005).People can send you phony pictures and conjure fascinating lives." One woman she interviewed indicated, "You have people out there pretending to be one thing when they are something else" (p50).Before embarking on the Internet dating field, additional research again should be considered into potential dates and their backgrounds.

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