Post op transvestite dating

She was a miracle worker, and I became her patient a few months later.

Nothing could have prepared me for the pain that followed my surgery.

My parents were accepting and allowed me to wear girl's clothing, and never questioned my desire to play with Barbies.

Though, outside of my family, no one understood me.

I recall one guy leaving the dinner table exclaiming, “What the hell! ” One guy excused himself to the bathroom without returning.

I thought I would never be accepted, until my friend introduced me to the sugar dating website Seeking I thought that who I used to be might work against me, but I decided to give it a shot.

My first "sugar daddy" was fascinated by my journey, and he thought I was more beautiful for being transgender. One sugar daddy pretended to be accepting, and then slammed me against the wall when he decided that it wasn’t okay. One sugar daddy nearly lost his marriage when his wife found out about me.

I believe that it was very courageous of Caitlyn to share her story, but I feel that many other stories from the transgender community, like mine, has been left untold.

I transitioned when I was legally able to because I refused to deny myself happiness.

I had my reassignment surgery, when I was 20 years old, in San Francisco.

My surgeon appeared on a transgender segment on contestant.

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