Menopause and dating

“I had nothing to lose,” Natalia told the newspaper. But then a miracle followed.” Natalia’s doctors believe the technique could reverse the menopause, giving couples the chance to have a family well into middle age.Dr Konstantinos Pantos, who founded the Genesis clinic in Athens where Natalia received the treatment, said that out of 27 menopausal women treated in an experimental study that started last year, 12 managed to ovulate.You must do it quickly because early diagnosis is crucial.Having a baby in your age could be very risky because of frequent abnormalities in babies born by older mothers.

You see, I have never experienced any symptom of menopause so I don’t know what to think. Well, it could be really hard to help you because the both options are possible.

He and his colleagues hope to publish their research this year.

Every time I give a lecture or seminar, I'm bombarded with the same question from men: "My wife is in menopause. Sometimes just talking things out can be helpful, and a wise therapist can offer good advice on how you can make yourself and the woman in your life feel better.

“That in itself, is a huge medical milestone,” he said, adding that researchers “still have to be cautious” as the research is still in its early stages.

The treatment uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which triggers the growth of tissue and blood vessels and is believed to accelerate the repair of damaged bones and muscles through stimulated tissue regeneration.

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As long as you are ovulating, no meter if you are in your 50s you are able to get pregnant.

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