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(In actuality, though, they're paving the way for the other kids to arrive.)Though you guess that probably comes with the territory of being the HEIRESS APPARENT TO A BAKED GOODS EMPIRE.You don't suppose it hurts that you are said empire's NUMBER ONE FANGIRL, either!The post-Scratch iteration of Nanna Egbert, and John's post-Scratch counterpart, Jane is the heiress to the great Betty Crocker empire and the comedic legacy of her forefathers. She is the Maid of Life of the Post-Scratch Human Session and is the leader of said session.

He is a stoic and intelligent Polymath who looks out for his friends and builds robots...which then he proceeds to demolish in death matches. His STRIFE PORTFOLIO contains SPECIBI for BLADEKIND, which he considers his main SPECIBUS, and two Joke Weapons; PUPPETKIND, and FNCYSNTAKINDSpeaks with proper grammar, capitalization, and punctuation, Except for when he breaks a sentence into two lines.Her fetch modus is MESSAGE IN A types with no punctuation except for EMPHASIS or to make a point???swears all the goddamn time and uses netspeak like lmao a lot makes a lot of typosp when durnk and sometimes uses * to correct hreslef * herself Holy SHIT do you love PUPPETS.And how you'd give your RIGHT LEG for a shot at desecrating THE SHIT out of some real life MYSTIC RUINS for their byzantine wares.Luckily for your limb, there is a dandy set of such ruins nearby, and you desecrate them quite frequently!

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You have tended to accrue dead preserved SPECIMENS from your experiments, little to none of which AREN'T FELINE.

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