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Tomb Blaster was refurbished with all LED UV lighting and new laser gun system, although the changes were met negatively.

In 2017, The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure opened, replacing Bubbleworks, as well as the original Carousel being replaced with a newer, themed carousel named "The Chessington Adventure Tree".

The new rides were to operate on a pay-one-price admission basis, and replace the existing pay-as-you-go fairground rides.

Other support rides were also opened, and the park opened just five themed areas: Calamity Canyon, Mystic East, Market Square, Toy Town and Circus World.

In 2014, "nearly £15 million" was invested in the resort as the whole, with a new wing built next to the Safari Hotel, advertised as a second standalone hotel, named "Azteca Hotel".

Theme park developments for the year included the refurbishment of the Runaway Train roller coaster as Scorpion Express and Amazu Treetop Adventure, a children's raised play area within the zoo.

Historically, it opened as Chessington Zoo in 1931, a theme park was developed by The Tussauds Group alongside the zoo, opening on 7 July 1987, as one of the first themed amusement parks in Britain.

Smuggler’s Galleon (a swinging ride) reached heights of 20 meters; it was later renamed Black Buccaneer.

Attendance rose to 2.05 million guests in 2014, the second highest figure in the park's history, which previously peaked in 1995.

2015 was advertised as "Year of the Penguins", introducing an updated Penguins of Madagascar Live: Operation Cheezy Dibbles show on the Madagascar stage, a rethemed "Jungle Bouncers" as "Penguins of Madagascar Mission: Treetop Hoppers" (since reverted to Berry Bouncers) and "Penguin Bay", a refurbished enclosure for the Zoo's Humboldt penguins.

The new event features night rides on Zufari: Ride into Africa! Chessington's attendance fell this year to 1.65 million.

The long-running Safari Skyway monorail closed midway through the year, after 29 years of service.

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