Driver sr needs updating debian

In fact, you’ll only really come across issues if you tend to use very high-level Office features such as Macros; Libre Office has macros as well, but they aren’t compatible with Office’s macros.Native Official App: No Best Linux Alternative App: Libre Office Best Online Alternative App: Google Drive Photoshop also isn’t natively available on Linux, and although people seem to have relatively decent success at installing it via Wine, and that process usually involves installing an older version.Native Official App: No Best Linux Alternative App: Free CAD Best Online Alternative App: Tinkercad Steam is a popular platform for finding, getting, and managing/updating games.Since early 2013, Valve has been pushing to turn Linux into a viable gaming operating system, and after approximately two years you’ll find quite a few games on Steam that work on Linux as well.Eclipse is a popular one for a lot of developers, especially those building Android apps.

Native Official App: Yes Best Linux Alternative App: Geany Best Online Alternative App: N/A Arguably the most popular indie game available, Minecraft, is a must for a lot of people, and thanks to its Java roots, it can run on Linux as well.

If you need an email client that has great support for Microsoft Exchange accounts like Outlook has, then Evolution may be better for you.

Otherwise, you can also easily use any web-based email interface with your preferred browser, including Gmail and much more.

Native Official App: Yes Best Linux Alternative App: Minetest Best Online Alternative App: N/A A common complaint about Linux is that there isn’t good software for some more specific tasks, including CAD sofware.

While you can’t get Auto CAD onto your Linux system, there’s a great free alternative called Free CAD which can take care of your CAD needs.

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