Dating for the lonely men

While it’s not clear which gender has better coping mechanisms when it comes to loneliness, it is clear that each gender has a distinctive coping style.

Men tend to focus on attaining a group of acquaintances to combat loneliness, while women tend to focus on one-on-one relationships.

It turned out that he was hanging out with friends at a bar across the street.

Feeling safe, with my friends all around, I texted back, asking him to come over and I'd buy him a drink.

In less than five minutes, there he was, arms crossed, big smile on his face, right in front of me.

It turns out he's a really sweet, straight, single, professional ballet dancer. And the great part for both of us is he isn't looking for a relationship, and neither am I, at least not for the foreseeable future.

Of course, there’s a flip side to the socially conscious side of women.When a man doesn’t feel good about himself, he tends to express it as anger. Women tend to be more socially minded in general and may therefore maintain more close friendships outside of a primary romantic relationship than men do. Except, that is, in one particular group: single people.For social and cultural reasons, they are also relatively likely to admit that they’re lonely.On the other hand, men tend to thrive with lots of acquaintances.

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