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Miller purchased an ownership stake in 2017 Kentucky Derby hopeful Fast and Accurate. crop sired by Hansen’s homebred namesake, 2011 Eclipse champion 2-year-old male Hansen.

(Eclipse Sportswire)Olympic gold medalist Bode Miller has purchased an interest in Kendall Hansen’s Kentucky Derby Presented by Yum! Trained by Mike Maker and bred in Pennsylvania by John Penn, Fast and Accurate won the Grade 3 JACK Cincinnati Casino Spiral Stakes on March 25 at Turfway Park to earn his spot in the Kentucky Derby. “Bode is a very intelligent man and a good horseman,” Hansen said in an April 21 press release.

“He learned a lot about physiology from his work on the U. Olympic Team, and he’s relaying that knowledge to horse racing as well.

The five-time Olympic alpine skiing medalist, who will be back in action this week in Sochi, doesn’t strike you as a 100-foot yacht-with-spinning-radars kind of guy – the son of hippies, growing up in the wilds of New Hampshire, no electricity or indoor plumbing, home schooled, regularly flaunting society’s conventions. Miller came to San Diego first for the weather and offseason, deep-sand workouts at local beaches. He skipped three straight World Cup events in 2009 so he could take her to Disneyland for her 1st birthday.He entered Vancouver out of shape and out of form, and suddenly conjured the inspiration to win a medal of each color while behaving himself.“Definitely,” Miller says of Dacey, “it’s another example of somebody that it’s important that I make proud, so I invest a little bit more in the way that the world interprets my actions because I know she has to deal with that filter.”Or something like that.Miller met Sara Mc Kenna, a former Marine and Camp Pendleton fire fighter, through a high-end matchmaking service in the spring of 2012.Dem charismatischen, zweifachen Weltcupsieger und Party-Helden ist gerade nicht nach Feiern zumute. Die Tragödien rund um Ski-Star Bode Miller scheinen kein Ende zu nehmen.Trauriger Höhepunkt privater Schicksalsschläge ist der Tod seines jüngeren Bruders Chelone.

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On top of all that, in April of last year Miller learned that his younger brother, Chelone, died after having a seizure in California."He loved life so much; it made him easy to love and easy to be around," Bode told the ski channel shortly after learning about his brother's death.

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