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Prior to the introduction of the solar calendar system from the West, China followed a lunar calendar in determining the times of planting, harvesting, and festival occasions.- Women Seeking Men in The USA | Men Seeking Women in The USA | Women Looking For Men in The UK | Men Looking For Women in The UK | Women Looking For Men in Ireland | Men Looking For Women in Ireland | Women Seeking Men in Australia | Men Seeking Women in Australia | Women Seeking Men in New Zealand | Men Seeking Women in New Zealand | Women Seeking Men in Canada | Men Seeking Women in Canada | Women Seeking Men in Singapore | Men Seeking Women in Singapore Let's get started ! You can start chatting right away with people with the same interests as you, in your home town or anywhere around the world. In Taiwan, official documents use the 1911 founding of the Republic of China as a reference point in establishing the date. Taiwan’s holidays can be divided into festivals associated with the traditional lunar calendar and holidays that are celebrated according to the solar calendar.Today, the people in Taiwan use the solar calendar, but the old system still serves as the basis for determining some holidays.Since a lunar month is shorter than a solar month, the two calendars do not match up.

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Therefore, the Chinese add an extra month every 30 months to the lunar calendar.

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